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‘Calif.’s business-hostile attitude should benefit Tucson’

June 9, 2012

Today’s Inside Tucson Business has a story about beleaguered California businesses, which recommends that Tucson-area city and economic development officials should focus on Los Angeles County to attract companies interested in relocating.

That suggestion, made by journalist Roger Yohem, is wise because the City of Los Angeles is now the worst city in which to do business — and that is within the state that holds claim to being the nastiest for commercial enterprises of all types.

For every major company like Northrop Grumman that made headlines when it left Los Angeles for Virginia, there are countless companies heading across the borders to friendlier and less expensive localities. Those departures go unnoticed because they are small to mid-sized enterprises whose activities are usually under the media’s radar.

The rather forceful column about economic development issues is here: “Calif.’s business-hostile attitude should benefit Tucson.”

Companies interested in exiting California in part or in full between 2013 and 2015 should initiate project planning now because a careful relocation or expansion elsewhere can take from one to three years to implement.

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