California’s attraction gone the way of the Dust Bowl

That’s the headline today on an Orange County Register column that examines the population exodus from California’s largest coastal cities as well as from the entire state.

Out-migration is significant. Since 2000, “more than 1.5 million crossed the state line, their California dream having faded away. California’s growth from 2000-10 was the slowest since its 1849 statehood and occurred only because the loss was made up by the natural increase (births minus deaths) and international immigration.”

More of the same is likely in the future. Motivations for continued out-migration include restraints imposed by politicians such as Senate President Darrell Steinberg, whose new urban planning “social engineering” legislation will force people to live in exceptionally dense communities contrary to individual wishes.

The article also notes that the state’s “legendary anti-business regulatory environment” will worsen under the California Global Warming Solutions Act, Assembly Bill 32, which will impose billions of dollars of new fees (which should be called what they are — taxes) on businesses. Companies in other states have not been burdened with such needless costs, which is why I call AB 32 the California Economic Self Destruction Act.

See the full column here.  The author is Wendell Cox of Demographia, a public-policy consulting firm in the St. Louis area.

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