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Arizona business leaders to capitalize on California tax hikes

November 28, 2012

I’m usually reluctant to mention a particular state or metro area’s efforts to lure California companies. That is because in my work I’m completely objective about comparing locations and finding the optimum fit for a client’s needs.

However, there is always time for an exception, and today’s Cronkite News story qualifies. Entitled, “Arizona business leaders aim to capitalize on California tax hike,” the story points out that the Greater Phoenix Economic Council plans to fly in as many as 100 California CEOs for complimentary stays and tours of Arizona’s largest metropolitan area. See the full story here.

Look for more efforts similar to Arizona’s program as California’s business environment continues to worsen.

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Yours Truly Appeared Today on Fox Business News

November 15, 2012

Short interview by Stuart Varney on the California business exodus & worsening taxes. I don’t know how long this video clip will remain online.