L.A. Radio Focus on Why Companies Leave California for Other States

Bill Handel, an outspoken and entertaining lawyer — and popular Los Angeles radio host — will air a 15-minute segment on businesses leaving California. I can’t speak for him, but he seems to have been inspired to address California’s difficult business environment, in part, by a friend of his who moved his company out of California to Nevada.

The segment is scheduled for tomorrow, Feb. 18, at 7:30 am California Time.

Yours truly is the interviewee. This will be on KFI-AM Radio, Los Angeles, a 50,000-Watt clear-channel station. To hear it online go here.

Joseph Vranich of Spectrum Location Solutions helps companies find great locations in which to grow. Joe also is a keynote speaker on the challenges and benefits of business owners relocating out of high-tax, high-cost, over-regulated states. His recent focus has been on why commercial enterprises leave California. More information is available at Biography and Speaking Availability.

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