California Again Named ‘Worst State for Business’

My friends tell me I should never say “I told you so” because it’s such an irritating statement. But in this case I don’t know how to resist. I’ve predicted that Chief Executive magazine’s 2013 survey of CEOs would find California to be the worst state for business for the ninth year in a row — and that’s exactly what has happened. Wrote one CEO: “California is getting worse, if that is even possible.” See “2013 Best & Worst States for Business.”

The magazine went on to observe: “Even more to the point: It doesn’t seem likely that the populace of California has developed the collective will to recover its appeal to business. There are too many opponents, too much legacy infrastructure and too much ennui in the way.” See “California Dreaming.”

Joseph Vranich of Spectrum Location Solutions helps companies find great locations in which to grow. Joe also is a keynote speaker on the challenges and benefits of business owners relocating out of high-tax, high-cost, over-regulated states. His recent focus has been on why commercial enterprises leave California. More information is available at Biography and Speaking Availability.

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