Reno Gazette-Journal Has Great Story Explaining Site Selection Process for Companies

An article headlined “How Reno is chosen when firms seek new sites” in the city’s newspaper gives an excellent account of what companies look for when considering new locations in which to expand or completely relocate.

Details in the story, including what local Economic Development officials do during site searches, are often found in specialized business magazines. The Reno Gazette-Journal has done a service in letting its readers understand more about how companies select locations for their new facilities.

I admit I was rather pleased to be quoted in the story, particularly when I discussed family-owned businesses:

“Often, company owners like the idea of their employees being able to purchase homes,” Vranich said. “For example, I could move from California to Texas, Nevada, Arizona or Florida, and I could continue to pay my employees the same and they could afford to purchase a home and the cost of living is lower.

“California’s elitists like to make out business owners to be monsters, but the business owners I work with are looking at what’s best for their company and for their employees. Quite a number of heartwarming conversations revolve around healthy employee lifestyles.”

Congratulations to the Economic Development Authority of Western Nevada and its CEO Mike Kazmierski and staff  for their continuing success in attracting growing companies.

Since I have good words for Nevada, I should clarify that I do not represent Economic Development agencies. All my clients are companies and my work for them is conducted on an objective basis.

One focus of this blog has been to address California’s perennially difficult business environment. Joseph Vranich is known as The Business Relocation Coach while the formal name of his business is Spectrum Location Solutions. Joe helps companies find great locations in which to grow. Also, Joe has been a Keynote Speaker for more than 20 years – see A Speaker Throughout the U.S. and in Europe and Asia.

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