New Option for Companies Wanting to Leave Unfriendly States Like California

California Exit

As the business environment in California continues to deteriorate because of the onslaught of new regulations and taxes, I’ve established a new program for business owners to help them determine whether to stay or move out of the state.

Companies located in Illinois, New York, New Jersey and Connecticut – states that also rank high in “business unfriendliness” – may also find the program useful.

Based on my experience as an executive coach, I created a one-day coaching session to demystify the site selection process and help business owners have a better understanding of the many options available to them.

After all, when considering a company relocation or expansion to a new state or community, it’s common in privately owned businesses for uncertainty to prevail. This is normal because such companies generally lack staff experienced in identifying optimum communities. Also, it is common for there to be differences of opinion among co-owners about business and lifestyle factors.

The one-day coaching session is held in a company’s headquarters or off-site location to address three basic questions:

  • “Should we stay or should we go?”
  • “If we go, where do we go?”
  • “How much will a location project cost?”

In the session, I facilitate discussions to determine the current and future priorities of the principals. Coaching can be done in a group setting, in one-on-one sessions, or a mixture of both – and confidentiality is guaranteed.

The coaching follows a structure that encourages productive communications, reveals positive and negative attitudes about various locations, and sparks discussion about business and personal goals.

And I have to say it’s interesting how many times personal concerns become a major part of the conversation.

I also provide value by outlining how consultants gather data from a multitude of far-flung places, in what way taxes and labor rates differ in various locations, what the pros and cons are in obtaining economic incentives from public agencies, and how to work with governments in other states who nearly always are enthusiastic about a company being interested in their communities.

My coaching experience includes serving executives in the aerospace, financial, manufacturing, airline, software and entertainment businesses along with entrepreneurs in start-ups and owners of well-established businesses. Also, I’ve been published by the Professional Coaches & Mentors Association.

One focus of this blog has been to address California’s perennially difficult business environment. Joseph Vranich is known as The Business Relocation Coach while the formal name of his business is Spectrum Location Solutions. Joe helps companies find great locations in which to grow. Also, Joe has been a Keynote Speaker for more than 20 years – see A Speaker Throughout the U.S. and in Europe and Asia.

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